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award-winning olive mill

“Best Greek Olive Oil Producer & Bottler”

Award-winning olive mill

Our olive mill is a regional hub, offering services to several thousand small olive farmers. It is located in Neapoli (“New Town”), at the center of Mirambello Valley. The mill has five international quality and food safety certifications for both organic extra virgin and conventional extra virgin olive oil. The Vassilakis olive mill is fully-integrated and has won awards for sustainability and agrotourism.

The olives are pressed the same day of harvest and their oil - which is actually fresh olive juice - is stored in airtight stainless steel silos, until ready for individual bottling. There is a separate, parallel system for pressing, storing and bottling certified organic olive oil. Our investment in modern technology, hygiene standards, and stringent testing, allows us to produce and store quantities of superior quality extra virgin and organic extra virgin olive oils. And we make sure this quality goes into every bottle that leaves the mill, as it begins its journey to your table. We were thrilled to see our hard work officially recognized in 2013 by winning the “Best Greek olive oil producer and bottler” award.


Environmental protection & Conservation

Waste management: our modern mill was designed to produce minimal waste. Whatever is produced is either recycled or composted. Our very successful aerobic open composting programme was introduced nearly two decades ago. It is rich in soil-improving nutrients and suppresses harmful phytopathogens.

Water conservation: water that is used or produced during olive oil production is recycled in our family orchard and vegetable garden, or onto our compost area. Energy is conserved through the use of stabilizing electricity current capacitors. And all our bottles and packaging materials are fully recyclable.


Tracing: see which grove your olive oil comes from

Each of our partners brings the olives from his grove to be pressed at our mill and is given a unique barcode. This records the origin of each batch of oil.

At bottling stage, each label is printed with a LOT number. We use the LOT number to trace the bottle’s content to the barcoded batch of olive oil, and thus the origin olive grove.

Our consumers can also trace the source of their olive oil. Using the app on our website, enter the LOT number which is printed on your bottle label to find and see the olive grove and trees your olive oil came from, and other useful information.




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