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sustainable olive cultivation

nothing but nature goes into our olive oils

We work with nature

Each Vassilakis generation learns the secrets of pruning, composting and mulching to sustain the soil quality. Grazing animals clear weeds between the trees, while providing manure for fertilizing. And we also use traditional preventions to trap or ward off pests. All these techniques keep our trees healthy and disease-resistant.

Nothing is wasted. Pruned branches, leaves and twigs that are separated from the olives during harvesting, all are composted and used to create natural fertilizer. As an agent against global warming, olive trees have a positive carbon balance. They remove more carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere than is emitted during olive oil production.


We care for the land and it takes good care of us

We care for the trees, the land and the environment, just as our forefathers did, in order to leave them, intact and fertile, for the next generation. Our olive trees are like family too. They patiently communicate their needs and we tend each one individually. All of them: the young ones, the mature ones and the proud old ones - some estimated to be two thousand years old - will be here for our children’s children.

The majority of our trees are centenarians, nearly ten thousand of them. Average life expectancy is between three hundred and six hundred years, but many of our trees are much older than that, and they continue to be prolific producers. The trees are a local single-variety Koroneiki, which has grown in the valley for millennia, evolved and adapted to local conditions. The oil their olives produce is superior extra virgin quality, golden-green in colour, with its own distinct taste and aroma profile. Older and more mature trees have well-established root systems, which makes them robust and they do not require watering. Low-density planting, seven to ten metres apart according to the ground formation, helps them stay healthy. And they may grow five to seven metres in height.


Organic olive cultivation

Nothing but nature goes into our extra virgin olive oils. At Vassilakis Estate we have always preferred natural alternatives for pest, disease and weed control. And our olive oils undergo strict testing for undesirable residues. We encourage our olive farming partners to do the same. The reason is simple: it’s healthier and our olive oil tastes better.

In response to growing consumer demand, we work with partners who operate certified organic groves, and we introduced a dedicated parallel production line for our certified organic variants: Charisma Organic Extra Virgin and V (vee) Organic Extra Virgin.




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