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The Ultimate Olive Oil & Wine Tasting Combo

Our olive oil expert and our qualified sommelier in the ultimate combination!

Learn how to recognize top-quality olive oil with
a professional tasting of 4 different olive oils. 

Follow this with a tasting of 5 Cretan wines (red, white, rose & dessert).

Appetizers and a generous selection of local Cretan delicacies are included.

Arrive at Vassilakis Estate & greet your guide.

Tour of the olive press with Vassilakis family member:

  • Viewing of the original 1865 museum-piece hand-operated press and a description of how olive oil used to be made
  • Viewing of the working olive mill and a description of how olive oil is made today

Expert-led olive oil and wine tasting session with appetizers:

  • Professional tasting of 4 different olive oils: how experts judge olive oil quality & learn how to recognize it for yourself. Includes appetizers.
  • Professional tasting of 5 different Cretan wines (red, white, rosé & dessert), accompanied with a generous selection of local Cretan delicacies.

Browse our on-site shop:

  • Taste local food products.
  • Buy products for take-away or home delivery:
    • Our multi-award-winning organic & extra virgin olive oils
    • Cretan wines & spirits
    • Olives & olive spread
    • Honey & marmalade
    • Cosmetics made with our organic olive oil

Free time for photos and questions.



Friendly Olive Tour™

Our highly popular and award-winning Friendly Olive Tour™ is rated by tourist sites as “the best olive tour on Crete”.

One of the most interesting and delicious ways to spend an hour.

Olive Oil Tasting Masterclass

You will taste 4 different olive oils and learn from our
expert which qualities connoisseurs look for in an
award-winning olive oil. 

A premium masterclass, with appetizers. 

Includes Olive Mill & Olive Museum tour and local food products tasting.

“Discover Crete” Wine Tasting

Our qualified sommelier guides you through signature Cretan wines and varieties.

“From Crete to Thrace”
Premium wine tasting

A top-class wine-tasting experience, unique to Greece.

Our qualified sommelier’s personal selection of premium wines from Crete & other wine-producing regions of Greece.

5 truly exceptional red, white, rose & dessert wines, chosen for their unique characteristics.

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