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Our millenian olive trees

All of our olive trees are like family to us: 

The young ones, the mature ones and the proud old ones – some estimated to be 2000 years old – will be here for our children’s children.

Nothing but nature goes into
our olive oils

We don’t interfere with nature, we work with it. 

Natural techniques keep our trees healthy:

  • Pruned branches, leaves and twigs are separated from the olives during harvesting, and are composted to create natural fertilizer.
  • Grazing animals clear weeds between the trees, providing more natural fertilizer.
  • Natural insect traps instead of harmful pesticides.

Purity, quality, organic

All our olive oils undergo strict testing for undesirable residues. The reason is simple: it’s healthier, and our olive oil tastes better. 

So why seek official organic certification? Consumers who choose certified-organic produce are looking for extra reassurance that these products do not contain harmful substances.

In response to this consumer demand, we collaborate with up to 500 certified-organic small olive groves in our region, and over 50% of Vassilakis Estate olives are under conversion to be fully certified-organic in 2025.  


100% sustainable

From grove to bottle, we are environmentally-conscious:

  • Our olive mill runs on 100% solar energy, annually producing more clean, renewable energy than it consumes.
  • Surplus olive material is added to our natural aerobic compost, which is made up of olive leaves, twigs and pips.
  • Used water is recycled onto our organic orchard and vegetable garden
  • All our bottles and containers are fully recyclable.
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