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Manolis & Niki Vassilakis teaching their grandchildren about harvesting

Our values

In 2021, the European Union introduced a “Green Deal” directive to promote sustainable cultivation practices.

At Vassilakis Estate, our mission since 1865 has always been to offer sustainably-produced, high-quality olive oil.

A family story
5 generations

The first Manolis Vassilakis  -“Vassilomanolis”- built one of the first stone olive mills in the region in 1865.  

The current Manolis Vassilakis, grandson of the first Manolis, continued his family’s sustainable cultivation practices. He built the modern mill, and created the Vassilakis Estate brand with its award-winning olive oils.

Today, the fourth generation is running the business, while the fifth is already learning about the family heritage. 

Three generations of the Vassilakis family with the original 1865 mill, now a museum        

Mirambello Valley:

Vassilakis Estate is situated in the Mirambello Valley near the north-east coast of Crete. This rural area, untouched by industry, is nature-blessed, with a geomorphology and microclimate ideal for olive cultivation.

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