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1.1. You will be able to select your preferred shipping method when you place your order. The shipping method you select will be added to the cost of your order before you proceed to payment. Once the total cost of the order including shipping cost has been paid you will receive an order confirmation.

The transport cost is calculated on each order from the pricelist supplied to us from the shipping companies we work with. These prices can be changed any time without warning. Vassilakis Estate cannot be made responsible for any change in those prices.

1.2. Time, Place, Way of shipment

You will be advised of the estimated delivery date of your order with a confirmation E-mail following completion of your order.

For international deliveries: DHL or TNT FedEx or other associated shipping company

For deliveries in Greece: Speedex courier

a) Our company is responsible for delivery of your order in the right condition to the shipping company. After that, risk is transferred to the buyer.

b) Our company and our shipping partners do our best to make on-time deliveries according to the delivery schedule. However, we cannot guarantee the exact day or time of delivery. We do not accept responsibility for delays due to random events or physical catastrophes.

c) Deliveries are made Monday through Friday except public holidays, and between 9.00 to 15.00 local time. Estimated delivery time once payment has been received is between 3 to 10 working days.

d) The shipping cost for shipments outside Greece is allocated by DHL Express (or TNT FedEx or ELTA) and is calculated based on the weight and volume of your order. The shipping cost is paid together with payment of your order.

e) For shipments throughout Greece, with Speedex Courier or any other transport company, the shipping cost will be calculated based on the weight and volume of your order. The shipping cost is paid together with payment of your order.

1.3 If, at the time of delivery, you are not at the delivery address to receive your package, the courier will leave you a note with instructions on how to receive your order. In this case, the risk of loss or damage of the goods is transferred to the buyer. The courier will try to deliver the products to you for up to 3 times, otherwise it will remain in the transport company’s premises at your own risk and expense and under the general conditions of storage of the carrier.

Products delivered outside the European Union (EU) may be subject to customs clearance and other relevant fees. The company cannot be held liable for any other costs that may be added due to different national legislations. The customer is considered the importer, and must observe all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving goods. We recommend you check with your carrier, customs broker or local customs office.

1.4 If we anticipate any delay in shipment, or if a product is temporarily out of stock, we will notify you immediately via email.


2) Returns

Returns of products in the event of actual defect or lack of agreed capacity

2.1 We aim to provide 100% customer satisfaction. However, if you receive a wrong or faulty product, or in case of any other problem resulting from our fault, please contact our Sales Department, through the Contact us section for further details.

2.2 Users who make purchases from our website as consumers can withdraw from the purchase and sale within 14 days of receiving their order.

2.3 As our products include products that can be altered or are vulnerable, we inform you that these products are explicitly excluded by law from the right to withdraw.

We point out that the criteria for determining the products excluded from the possibility of withdrawal are defined by law for products that can be easily altered.

2.4 In case of withdrawal from the purchase of a product that is bought online and it is not excluded the following are apply:

  1. Returns must be made no later than 14 days after the withdrawal (ie by sending the relevant e-mail provided in Article 11.2.) Sending back of the products is your responsibility and the expenses as well. The goods must be sent only to our Distribution Center, Neapoli Lassithi, Neapoli PC 72 400 Greece.
  2. In order we accept the withdrawal, the products you send back to our company must be in the condition they were received, not used, and preserved in the proper maintenance conditions, complete with the original packaging, and together with all the documents that accompanied the products.
  3. The returned products must be sent to the above address and must be accompanied by: a) the Retail Receipt / Sales Invoice or the Delivery Note and the Withdrawal Declaration (even if you have already sent it to us via e-mail). In particular, this form must be completed with all the necessary information requested, printed and signed by you. Make sure to include the form with the return package.
  4. If the conditions of the above paragraphs b) and c)  are met, the refund of the price you have already paid will be made directly by us or in cooperation with the cooperating payment provider or with any other possible way within the time limit provided by law in case of withdrawal. If you are refunded through a third-party payment provider (eg PayPal, credit card, etc.) you may be charged a commission fee by that third-party provider based on its terms of use and operation, for which our company is not responsible.

  5. Please note that if the above conditions are not met or if the required documents do not accompany the product, your request for withdrawal cannot be completed.


1.2. In all cases of return of products purchased online due to actual defect or proven lack of agreed capacity resulting from our fault, the following shall apply:

i) The returned products must be sent to our factory at Astron Miramvellou, Neapoli Lasithiou, Crete PO 72400 Greece. The collection of the product on behalf of our Company will be handled only by our partner carrier after you have first contacted our Sales Department through the Contact us section and informed us of the proven problem in connection to the specific product. The collection of the product to be returned will take place exclusively at the delivery address you have stated to us upon placing your order.

ii) The product you are sending back to our company must be in the same condition in which it was received. It must be unused, preserved in the proper storage condition, complete and intact, with its original packaging and with all the documents that accompanied the product.

iii) The returned products should be accompanied by the Retail Receipt/ Sales Invoice or Delivery Note. Please note that if any of the above-mentioned documents is missing, your request cannot be fulfilled and the product will not be collected by our Company.


3) Order change / cancellation


3.1 Change or cancellation of an order is accepted only if the Order Confirmation with tracking number has not been sent or the order has not been completed. Please note that, after the confirmation of the order, it is NOT possible for security reasons (anti-fraud) to change the declared delivery address for any reason.

3.2 If you are a consumer, you have the right of withdrawal return of the products as mentioned above.

3.3 In case of any problem, please contact our Customer Support Department for further details through the Contact Us section.

3.4 In the case that the return of part, or all, of the price that has already been paid to our Company is required after cancellation or change of your order according to the above, the corresponding amount will be refunded to you immediately in a way that will be agreed between us. If you are refunded through a third-party payment provider (eg PayPal, credit card, etc.) you may be charged a commission fee by that third-party provider based on its terms of use and operation, for which our company is not responsible.

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