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Vassilakis Estate Olive Oils:
All the best from Crete

Visitor's Education

Vassilakis Estate Vassilakis Estate

Vassilakis Estate:
a modern family business, with local ties going back four generations specializing in superior quality extra virgin & organic extra virgin olive oil.

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Visitors' Education

  • Open school days

Our olive press is suitable for visitors of all ages. We organize year-round guided tours for students and schoolchildren so that they can learn all about how olive oil is made.

  • We welcome visitors

We are delighted to greet visitors from all over the world. Let us initiate you into the mysteries of olive oil. Our staff will take you on a guided tour to the original Vassilakis family olive press and the new modern olive press, explaining the olive production stages. The tour is rounded off with an olive-tasting experience and tips on how to recognise a good olive oil.

Just call or e-mail us, letting us know when you are planning to come and how many will be in your group.