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Vassilakis Estate Olive Oils:
All the best from Crete

Farmers' Training

Vassilakis Estate Vassilakis Estate

Vassilakis Estate:
a modern family business, with local ties going back four generations specializing in superior quality extra virgin & organic extra virgin olive oil.

Farmers' Training

  • Farmer training #1

Supporting our local farmers

We make sure that our local farmers are proficient in the proper cultivation techniques, that they are fully aware of Rules and Regulations, and that they are capable of managing all the stages of their olive crop according to best practise.

Vassilakis Estate already offers value-added products with geographical indication and we are leading an initiative to produce and promote a range of certified-quality local products with their own regional "brand identity".

  • Farmer training #2

Nothing of value is wasted

The olive leaves and twigs removed before pressing as well as the organic by-products of our olive press, around 1200 cubic metres, are all recycled in our outdoor aerobic compost, which since 2006 is located in its own separate area.

The resulting compost of around 500-700 cubic metres is a nutrient-rich soil conditioner (high in bioactive micro-organisms) which helps to reduce or prevent plant disease, contributing to healthy soil and disease-resistant olive trees.