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Vassilakis Estate Olive Oils:
All the best from Crete


Vassilakis Estate Vassilakis Estate

Vassilakis Estate:
a modern family business, with local ties going back four generations specializing in superior quality extra virgin & organic extra virgin olive oil.


  • Community relations

Working with our local community

We aim to retain the respect of our local community and earn the goodwill of its future members by maintaining fair and friendly relations with our neighbours and visitors.

We invest in broadening our horizons through local and international networking, communicating, sharing knowledge and experience, and supporting positive local and regional initiatives.

  • Our organic orchard

Fruit and vegetables from our organic orchard

Planted several decades ago, our organic orchard produces seven different fruits, with intercropped seasonal vegetables. The orchard is in a particularly biodiverse and fertile outdoor location which regularly produces delicious fresh fruit and vegetables all year round.

These are freely available to all our extended family: friends, visitors, neighbours, workers and of course, us.