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Soil Health & Crop Management

Vassilakis Estate Vassilakis Estate

"We are careful to respect the environment we were born in.We treat it well, so ti can generously provide high quality produce for many more generations"

Manolis Vassilakis, President & CEO

Soil Health & Crop Management

Initiatives for long-term soil health

The soil is a delicate, non-renewable natural resource performing many sophisticated and valuable functions.

Published documents such as:¨Towards a Thematic Strategy of Soil Protection¨ and¨Soil Communication¨ clearly describe the threat to our planet’s soil. The Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection was adopted by the European Commission in September 2006 [EC, COM 2006 231].

Vassilakis Estate fully supports this initiative in the area under our responsibility. Our aim is to ensure that our local producers are fully informed of all the threats to the health and richness of our soil which may affect the quality of our local produce long-term, such as: compaction, erosion, depletion of organic material and local biodiversity, salinization and precipitation.