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Vassilakis Estate

Extra virgin olive oil

Only a limited quantity of this superb olive oil is produced annually.
Made exclusively from the first cold pressing of Koroneiki olives, an aromatic late-ripening olive variety, this Vassilakis Estate-branded extra virgin olive oil is a connoisseur’s delight.
Fruity and fragrant, with a light peppery aftertaste, Vassilakis Estate extra virgin olive oil has very low acidity levels of between 0.1-0.3%. Low acidity is an indication of quality: the lower the acidity, the richer theantioxidant content. Live long and enjoy.

Extraction method                             Cold
Olives variety                            Koroneiki
Acidity Levels                         0.1%-0.3%

Vassilakis Estate

  Value Limits
Free Fatty Acid (Acidity) 0.28% < 0.8
Κ268 0.127 < 0.22
Κ232 1.69 < 2.50
Delta K (ΔΚ) -0.002 < 0.01
Peroxide Value 8.2 megO2/kgr < 20
*product features «Vassilakis Estate» | year 2013-2014

Available in clear glass: 200ml & 500ml.
Vassilakis Estate branded extra virgin olive oil for demanding tastes.

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