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Mouratolia olives

A unique local olive variety, revered by Cretans as “queen of the eating olives”.

This is followed by the marinating process, involving sea salt, pure rainwater, local red wine vinegar and herbs: bay laurel and rosemary. Finally, they are poured into clear glass vases, with Vassilakis extra virgin olive oil. These delicious olives can be enjoyed on their own or with fresh bread. The container has been carefully chosen for its wide neck, suitable for use as a serving dish.



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Mouratolia olives

Since ancient times, mouratolia olives have been cultivated on carefuly chosen ground with the same timehonoured methods. In spite of its superb flavour, the mouratolia olive is only grown in limited quantities because of its low yield per tree. Now, Vassilakis Estate bring you our own mouratolia olives, marinated according to an old family recipe. First, the olives are hand picked and sorted one by one, in order to ensureonly the best are chosen.

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