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Vassilakis Estate Olive Oils:
All the best from Crete


Vassilakis Estate Vassilakis Estate

The advantages of Vassilakis Estate extra virgin olive oils:high standards, traceability and consistency.

With near 150 years of olive-growing expertise, Vassilakis Estate customers can rely on our consistently superior category extra virgin olive oils.


Every one of our olive oil bottles arrives at your table with all its nutritional values

Vassilakis Estate product quality standardization is fully vertically-integrated, with each batch quality-controlled at our olive press.

The final stage of bottling, capping and labelling is carried out exclusively on-premise by our flexible automated filling line, capable of handling up to 3000 bottles an hour, minimizing order processing time.

The whole filling procedure is carried out under controlled atmospheric conditions and each bottle is sterilized, so that Vassilakis Estate extra virgin olive oil arrives at your table with its quality and nutritional characteristics intact.