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Ancient Driros

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Ancient Driros

The ancient settlement of Driros was located on Kadistos mountain, two kilometres north-east of today’s Neapolis town. This is where the first Vassilakis estate is located.

The original inhabitants of Driros were Eteocretans, later intermingled with Dorians who arrived in the area around 1100 BC.

The settlement was discovered in 1855, when a pessary was found with an inscription dating from the 3rd century BC. This ancient engraving records an oath taken by 180 youths. The “Youth Oath” was taken by young men of the period, whereby they vowed to support their city and to plant at least one olive tree each. A tour around the area soon confirms the presence of innumerable aged olive trees, demonstrating that many youths kept their oath through the ages.

Further excavations uncovered a 7th century BC temple of Apollo Delphinius, in which bronze statues of Apollo, Artemis and Leto were found, along with an altar for animal sacrifice. Other interesting finds included an agora with a small theatre, a cistern inscribed with a number of laws (the earliest of its kind in a Greek city), as well as a sign in both Eteocretan and Greek languages.